An amount of Civil Construction projects has been done by ALMAR Civils in the few years. We cater for small and large projects and deliver work of the highest quality and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Our team work fast and efficient for a quick turnaround time.


ALMAR Civils does a variety of Tar work from tarring of driveways, pavements and walkways as well as larger projects like Tar Surfacing parking areas and private roads. We also do the work required with such projects like kerbing, edging. We can also rejuvenate your old tarred areas and repair potholes and deteriorated areas. Call us for our expert advice and quote.


ALMAR Civils is a Paving Contractors Company which install paving professionally and technically correct on compacted sub-base and sand layers for maximum stability and durability. We do various paving projects for clients, from the home owner to large projects for private companies and the public sector. We install paving to your requirements which will enhance your environment and provide you with many years of good service and satisfaction.


ALMAR Civils spesializes in retaining systems and storm water draining done to the exact specifications of structural engineering requirements.  Different materials can be used for retaining systems as well as storm water draining according to your requirements.  Terraforce Concrete blocks and Gabion baskets is the most popular way of doing it with the necessary subsoil and geotextiles to the SABS standards.  We can assist you with structural engineering plans done by an expert with affordable rates.  Site inspections will be done by the engineer himself during the building process.

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